Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hilton head part two.

Okay,so remember the part one post of Hilton Head? Well,this is the part two. If you haven't read part can find it here.  Anyway,skip a few days of going to the beach and relaxing at the cottage and come to about the day of Wednesday.  
By this time,I could finally walk on my ankle ,therefore this made my trip a lot more fun and enjoyable! 

I just love waking up to a sun shining morning! Does anyone else? It always brightens my day. ;)  


(ahem) may I just say I am obsessed with lifestyle photography right now? I never can find anything to take 'lifestyle' pictures of. I think Hannah's day old coffee mug did the trick,though. 
in the morning we hit the beach. I must say it was a beautiful day. 

In the afternoon,we went to the park (still a beautiful day!). 

The amazing model, Dianna, came up with this pose. :)

Luke *actually* posed for me. I never thought I would see the day....

yes,these are my amazing friends. <33 them. I sure will miss them when we all go off to college,but that is a few years from now. 

So that was pretty much the whole HHI trip (!!!). 

Hannah made an AMAZING music video about our trip. You can watch it here.



  1. awesome! "lifestyle" haha good times... I'm dying laughing in the last picture haha I don't remember why... haha


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