Saturday, September 22, 2012





listening ...people cheering. crowds laughing. also know as football. 
seeing ... fall all around. new people. books. lots of books. 
feeling ... fall fresh air. hopeful. dreaming.loving. tired. 
believing ... that there is a plan for me. 
waiting ... to get to go to a coffee shop.
loving ... tea.chocolate chip cookies.  
learning ... that I am going to have people that are going to love me and be my friends,but I am also going to have people in my life that hate me and are going to be my enemy. 
missing ... Washington D.C. that is basically what has been on my mind all day long. 
hoping ... that I will get good grades in everything. 
doing ... taking fun. blogging. everyday imperfection.



  1. awesome post! can i do one like it? :D right now i am seeing my computer keys/screen, hearing pandora and clicking keys, and feeling happy. :)

  2. I love this post!! I also wanna do a post like this!! :D


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