Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rebranding of Wanderlust {ain't nobody got time for fat.}

So there is going to be a change. A big change. I'm rebranding this blog into a fitness blog! Yay!! I'm very passionate about fitness + health so that is why I'm changing it. Maybe once a month I will post something personal or  a fashion post, but mainly this will be a fitness blog. I'm so excited! I hope you are too! The blog name will be changed "Ain't nobody got time for fat". So if you see that you will know that you aren't following some random blog. There will be a new design soon! :)
--- M

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Can't dream of sugar plums.

Sugarplums can't dance in my head,because you're too busy entering my dreams. 
--- M

Monday, December 23, 2013

"I love pictures because they never change."

"I love pictures because they never change. Even when the people in them do." 
--- M

Saturday, December 21, 2013

//of the most excellence in the small things//

i really hate the smell and taste of peppermint and i really don't like peppermint chap stick.
and i like the smell of cinnamon,but evergreen tree scent is my favorite. 

i like Christmas trees with character,
but Christmas trees perfectly put together fascinate me ,because they are beautiful. 

its nice to get a text saying you looked pretty,
but the best is hearing it in person. 

i like all animals,
but i have trouble picking my favorite between winter polar bears,Christmas reindeer, and all year around foxes. 

i always love to exercise,
but i'm like every other person who sometimes doesn't wanna do it.

i like to read books,
and now i've come to find out my favorite type of book is a fitness book; i'm that person. 

ice cream is good,
but brownies are the best. 

inspiring or romantic quotes is something that everyone loves,
but i could sit there and "pin" them all day. 

i believe there is a time for everything,
and laughing should have a good amount of that time. 

handwritten notes are always fun to send and to get,
but the secret is out...i'm not good at writing them. 

quietness is good,
but i love music and sound the most.

winter and fall are awesome
but summer will always be the perfect season. there is magic in the summertime. 
--- M

Sunday, November 17, 2013

To the Place with the Same People

If I could just go back. 
Not back in time. 
But back to the place 
With the same people. 
If I could go back 
Maybe the things that happened
The first time would happen again. 
Like deja vu. 
Wandering through the woods. 
It would be easier
Just like before.
I would treasure it. 
More than I did before. 
Then I could come home
And my friendships 
Would be the same.
And I would be 
Filled with happiness. 
If I could just go back 
To the place
With the same people. 
--- M

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Friday-November 15,2013

(don't you love the earphones?) 

Jeans/Old Navy
Boots/Old Navy 
--- M

Monday, November 11, 2013

Medium Hair Don't Care

Okay guess what!! I cut my hair. I guess I should rephrase that. I should say I got 5 inches cut off. I sat down and my hairdresser knows my usual. Layers and cut the split ends off. (She even remember I'm trying to grow my bangs out. She's awesome.) 

Anyway, here we go.


My ponytail is purty long. 


(Oh yeah I got my hand on my hip. Getting all fancy. ;) 

Back view 

Side view. 

NOW FOR THE MOMENT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.  I seriously believe at first I was shaking in the chair. I know that my hair isn't super short. But it short for me. I haven't had this short of hair since like I was 10. 




It is SO much lighter. My hair was heavy and since it was so long it was hard to manage. I couldn't stand trying to put it up and leaving it down was annoying. This my friends, is like the perfect length. Like I'm sitting here writing my blog post with my hair down. Which I use to not be able to do. So there ya go, five inches cut off. 
--- M