Saturday, December 21, 2013

//of the most excellence in the small things//

i really hate the smell and taste of peppermint and i really don't like peppermint chap stick.
and i like the smell of cinnamon,but evergreen tree scent is my favorite. 

i like Christmas trees with character,
but Christmas trees perfectly put together fascinate me ,because they are beautiful. 

its nice to get a text saying you looked pretty,
but the best is hearing it in person. 

i like all animals,
but i have trouble picking my favorite between winter polar bears,Christmas reindeer, and all year around foxes. 

i always love to exercise,
but i'm like every other person who sometimes doesn't wanna do it.

i like to read books,
and now i've come to find out my favorite type of book is a fitness book; i'm that person. 

ice cream is good,
but brownies are the best. 

inspiring or romantic quotes is something that everyone loves,
but i could sit there and "pin" them all day. 

i believe there is a time for everything,
and laughing should have a good amount of that time. 

handwritten notes are always fun to send and to get,
but the secret is out...i'm not good at writing them. 

quietness is good,
but i love music and sound the most.

winter and fall are awesome
but summer will always be the perfect season. there is magic in the summertime. 
--- M

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