Saturday, September 15, 2012

hilton head {part one}.

Hi everyone! Guess where I have been!! Hilton Head!! It was so much fun!! I am going to do the trips  in parts because there was just so much that we did it wouldn't be cool to do it in one post.  
We started our trip on Saturday. Sadly,I had a sprained I took my trip on crutches. 

It is a two hour drive from were I live. We all know that Dianna,Hannah,and me can't go on a trip without taking pictures on the way there. 

We were just a little hyper. We had birthday cake cupcakes before we took this picture. Yeah,we went to Julie's sweet sixteen (pictures coming soon)  before we left. 

We had to wear sunglasses on the trip (of course).

The first day we to the beach. 

Hannah stole my camera. 

After a tiring day at the beach...we relaxed. We looked at Shooting Young for hours. Also,we listened to Payphone (clean version) like 50 times. 




  1. yay!! i had so much fun but I'm really glad to be home and honestly y'all were starting to get on my nerves!! #whyidontwanttolivewithyouindc

    1. don't worry. It was the same from my side. ;)

  2. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!!!! :D

  3. That first picture looks like you have Zocks :)


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