Friday, September 7, 2012

q and a link up.


Britt is having a Q and A linkup. So if you would like to do it...go linkup! 
1. What browser do you use for the internet? I use Google Chrome. It is the best! 
2. Do you text?  Yes. Well kinda. I mean I use my mom's phone. I don't have one. or I can text on my ipod. 
3. Are you a visual learner? Yes...I am.
4.Do you know how fast you type? I am not suree...and I don't feel like doing a test right now. 
5. Have you ever felt more comfortable/involved on your blog life than in real life? Depending on the time. Sometimes I feel more comfortable in real life then in blog life depending on what I am posting about. 
6.What does beauty mean to you (definition)? uhhhhhh... the quality present in a thing or person that gives intensepleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arisingfrom sensory manifestations , ameaningful design or pattern, or something else (as apersonality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).  
7. Have you ever thought if you will have your blog when you get married/older? I plan on having a blog when I get married. :) I want to anyway. 



  1. Thanks for linking up Madison. I enjoyed reading your answers!!! :)


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