Sunday, September 16, 2012

fall photo contest.

Hey all you photographers!! Fall is coming and it is a great season to capture! So....I decided to host a photo contest for fall! I just looove photo contests! I think I love to host photo contest as much as I love to enter them!! Anyway, here are the rules. 

1. the photo must have to do with fall. 
2. the photo must be taken by YOU.
3. Editing is excepted. Also the editing must be by you
4. Add the link to this contest in your blog post.
5.  Add the photo contest button in your post. 
6. Be creative. 

Once you have your picture please let me know in a comment on this post. 

This contest ends on September 23. 



  1. Hello!

    I have tons of pictures (too many, probably) but I can narrow it down :)

    Do you want me to email it?

    In Christ,
    Heidi K.

    1. email me at
      I will be waiting for your picture!!

  2. here's my entry :)

  3. here's mine! :)

    Here is mine! :)


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