Wednesday, November 21, 2012

somethings that are going to happen.

Hey guys!

I wanted to go ahead and give y'all some updates. I mean like for the rest of this year and then early part of the next year.

I hate to be like those people who go ahead and rush into Christmas even though Thanksgiving has not been here yet. I would not do that but I don't have much to report on Thanksgiving. So I will just skip to Christmas.

This year I will actually have a Christmas blog design. Last year (when I did not even really I guess it doesn't really matter) I only had a regular design and I really want a Christmas blog design. That was pretty much it for Christmas.

Next Year:

-I will be cleaning up my blog. I mean not that there is anything bad on it. I mean making it look nicer.
-I will be actually letting y'all have a peek into my journal sometimes.
-Hopefully more photography tips.
-and a surprise so on New Year's Day or the day after look at the blog.

Listening to "Our July in the Rain" by He is We (you should really check it out..)


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