Tuesday, November 20, 2012

north carolina--part one.

I went on a trip to North Carolina. This post is longgg over due. According to I went in October. Anyway,I have been totally busy and I have not have the time to actually sit down and post. 

I guess I will tell you about what I did (by the way I am going to do it in parts.) 

The first day was basically driving day. I stayed over at Emily's and then we left at 6:30 am the next morning. We drove and drove. We took a break from driving and visited Mrs.Elizabeth and her mom. It was really nice to see them. We kept on driving till we reached our destination. I would tell you on the ride there,but we did not really do much except be weird and drove... 

It was so nice to see all the trees. Ahh they were beautiful. All the colors were changing. It was really exciting because I have never really seen all the different colors and if I have seen all the colors changing I do not really remember it...

We were about to reach the cabin and we saw the Stingy Jack's sign (Stingy Jack's will be in the next post.) 
The cabin was so adorable. Sadly I did not get any pictures of the cabin *tear,tear*. There were horses and if you do not know ...I love horses. 

Later of the arriving day we drove around and we took some really good pictures of the mountains. I am going to say this again...the trees were beautiful. I will probably post more pictures of it in the next post. 

That was pretty much it of the driving and arrival day. 

(leaf at a gas station we stopped at)


(Stingy Jack's sign)

(part of a fence at the cabin)


(these little butterflies were just fluttering around)

(the colors.)

(this horse chased me down the hill for a carrot then tried to kick me) 


(because horses are so cute when they eat)


(again the colors.)

(and a waterfall) 


( I was trying to capture the water.)


(I think this was called Looking Glass Rock)


  1. i love all of the pictures!! :D

  2. Who in the name of wonder's idea was it to name the cabin Stingy Jack's? :) Great pictures- horses are always a plus!


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