Friday, June 22, 2012

reading and books.

 A lot of you know that I am not a big fan of reading,but ,of course, it is summer time and I must read * at least* 30 minutes a day ((if my schedule allows it,of course)). I went over to Emily's  house today and we went up in to her play/hangout room and I found TONS of books. Emily told me there are at least 100 books if not more. So,I looked at a few and decided I would ask if I could read some of them. Since,she is such a fantastic friend she let me borrow the books I wanted to read. :)

((I have borrowed all of these books except for one.))
((Top to Bottom))
Waterfall ((Hannah's))
Jumping into Trouble ((Emily's))
His Revolutionary Love ((Hannah's))
Sarah's Long Ride ((Mine))
The Girl's Book of Glamour ((Emily's))
Ramona's World ((Emily's))
Judy Blume --Fudge-a-Mania-- ((Emily's))
Ramona Forever ((Emily's)) 
Judy Blume --Double Fudge-- ((Emily's))

Emily and I have taken the challenge to try to read 20 books by the end of summer ,plus more if there is more time. :) Oh and I am going to give little book review over each one. There will be coming one soon probably tomorrow,after I finish reading! 

What books are you reading? Are you taking a challenge? Are you a reader?



  1. Hooray! I LOVE this post! Way to go Maddie! So exciting to see you Reading and blogging about books! I can't wait to read your book reviews!! Have you read the book we gave you for your birthday? I was wondering if it was a good book. I was hoping the horse theme would draw you in! :)

    1. I haven't finished it yet,but it is really interesting!I love how it makes you feel like your are almost in Sarah's situation! :) It will probably be the next book I finished! :)

  2. YAY~I hope you enjoy reading all of the books :) You're an awesome friend too and you can borrow any books, anytime you'd like. I look forward to seeing the reviews over all of the books!!

  3. I love reading! And that's a great idea to post reviews! :)

    ps: waterfall and his revolutionary love are greattt books. (I actually sent them to Hans. ha)

    1. haha yeah she did and a good book always needs to be passed on!! okay seriously reading a book isn't that fun if you don't have someone to talk about it with... :P



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