Tuesday, June 26, 2012

today's bucket list.

 Debby,has struck. Oh well. Just a little rain,I guess. That means I have to do everything inside. :( I have decided I would make bucket list for today.
>>blog post
>>watch a movie
>>take old outfits and make new ones
>>photoshoot with Heidi
>>edit pictures of Emily and Angelee
>>clean the house

*Note these are not in order*

What is your list of things to do today?



  1. cool! how are you making new outfits that sounds fun! I'm going to steal this post idea! hee hee is that all right? :P

    1. sure Dianna! I would love to see your bucket list! Are you going to post it on your blog?

  2. Go to work, answer emails, follow up on scheduled tasks, review policy documents, go to gym, read items for 24:15, call it a day.

    1. Very nice bucket list! No much fun though! :)

    2. I know. Pretty boring. Maybe one day I can come up with a fun bucket list.

  3. I like your bucket list!! we just finished watching Pizza My Heart with Tiffany. :D i wanna see the pics of Emily!!!

  4. Cool List!! I wanna see my pics! :)

    Exercise, look for costumes, maybe go to the movies! :D

  5. Great bucket list! I enjoyed reading it!

    today -- July 2nd -- my bucket list is to:

    Clean and Disinfect house
    Create Job lists for your dearest friends ;)
    Go to Grocery Store
    Exchange a shirt at Old Navy
    Buy Matt a birthday present
    Make a Peanutbutter pie
    Sell a flexi-clip :)

    I hope I get it all accomplished! :)


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