Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To obey or not to obey...

Have you ever wondered why you parents asked you do something,that you just thought was plain out stupid?
I am sure you have. Because I know I have.
Did you know that when you don't obey your parents you are not obeying the Lord. Did you ever think if I don't obey my parents I can still obey the Lord?
Well,sorry honey. Nope! You can't obey the Lord if you aren't obeying your parents. The Lord says to obey your parents. Yeah,it is hard. But do EVERYTHING in a merry heart for the Lord. Whether it is cleaning the kitchen all the way to running to the store. Do it with a smile. But if you make a smile and in your heart you are not are telling a lie. And lies come from fools. Do not make your self a fool. Make yourself a godly girl. 
Remember Godly Girls are Gold! 


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