Thursday, April 19, 2012

The First Flower {note:these pictures were taken along time ago.}

These picture were taken weeks ago! But I just finally got around to 
posting them. So anyway, I believe that the flower in these pictures 
was the first flower in my backyard. And I believe all these pictures were
taken on the same day. 
We have a birdbath in our backyard. And since we have
a lot of trees it gets a lot of leaves in it. Yeah,you can see 
one of the dead leaves in it. amazing.  

We also have these little things and I have learned
never to go out in the backyard without shoes.

Here is the first flower. This is personally my favorite. 

Still the same flower. Except it is on our table outside. But
we can't even eat outside because of all the blood sucking 
bugs. And now the table is filled with pollen. Yuck! My allergies
can't handle all that. 

Last but not least...the last picture. 

Which one is your favorite? 



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