Friday, October 11, 2013

where I disappeared to...

 Look at that hair ohhh yeahhh. 

Well, whoa, hi. I've been gone for over a month. Whoops. Well, it was kinda nice. Since I had a ton of stuff on my plate to eat and not including this little blog. And I love my blog very dearly,but with all the things I've been doing it would kinda been like eating carrots...(which I have been obsessed with after I got called a carrot. I mean I just pinned some carrot pictures, changed my name on instagram to germancarrot, and I even ate some carrots the other night! And the best part is that I don't even love carrots! hahahaha). Okay enough of my rambling about comparing my life to a plate of food... 

What I have been doing: 

Stayed at Hannah's 

School (and more school like all day.) 



Sign Language 

Co-op (guess what! We are doing art class now and we are learning how to paint! cool,right?!) 


Putting away summer clothes and putting up fall clothes 


Photo taking 


Things I need to do: 

Finish putting away clothes 

Edit those pictures I took tonight 

Practice Piano 

Call someone 

Clean my room... 

Well that is where I have been. Sadly this little blog probably won't be posted on a lot anymore. Until summer. Of course I did horrible on posting this past summer. Either way, I will at least try to post once a month. How do these people keep up with their busy life AND post on their blog a ton? I just don't get it... 

--- M

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  1. Yay!! You're back! :) I love your blog! :)



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