Friday, October 18, 2013

Fashion Friday

Hey everyone! So I have a new post every Friday on my blog! It is called "Fashion Friday" if you didn't get that from the title. Basically, I will be showing you one of my outfits from the week. It won't always be a outfit from Friday. I mean I spend most of my days in a t-shirt, gym shorts, or yoga pants. Don't judge me. You know you do it too. 

I'm linking up with Hannah  and Tiffany. So go check out their outfit too! 
Also sorry for the terrible,terrible quality. I'm very bad planner and not very organized and I totally forgot till Hannah reminded me that we were doing this today. So next week there will be much,much better quality. So I am super sorry for this weeks pictures! Please forgive me. :)  oh and excuse the bed behind me. I can be a very messy person if I wish. 

This is actually an outfit from a few weeks ago. It was my first fall outfit of the season. And yes I blew off the rules and went with white pants after labor day. I'm such a rebel,no? ;) 
Such nice Ipod touch quality...
Scarf- Made by Hannah 
Shirt- Cato 
White Capris- Belk (?) 
Boots- Belk
--- M

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