Saturday, November 3, 2012

just a little break.

  Hello dears (i have no idea why I just called y'all that...but I did),

Fall has come and so has NaNoWriMo. Hannah has somehow pressured me into doing it. It means early mornings and late nights. Probably more late nights,but I can try,right? Also,hardly anytime to do anything else. Therefore I won't be posting much. Sorry if I don't answer your emails right away. I should just say...I won't be posting this month. Next month I will be on top of everything,okay?


  1. that's cause it's awesome to do!! haha!

  2. Bonne chance! (and I know I have said that to everyone's blog but it is the only French I know so I like typing it :)

    OK, fine...have fun!!

  3. it's always great to take breaks once in a while :)

    andrea brionne


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