Wednesday, October 31, 2012

awkward and awesome

+getting to go to North Carolina for a weekend.
+these types of post.
+going shopping at Ross.
+winter is coming.
+cute fall outfits.
+the Hunger Games.
+sign language.

+when you trip on the carpet in a really long dress and can't move your foot because it is stuck and you fall down.
+when you start to smile when you are chatting and your parents ask you what you are smiling about.
+thinking something is funny everyone else thinks it is stupid (come on I know it has happened to everyone).
+baking something and adding a whole bag of powdered sugar so it will taste really good (not sure if this is awkward or awesome).

Have you done an awkward and awesome post? if so,link it in a comment.

P.S. sorry I haven't done a real post. I have not had the time. School is really making me busy,plus in school I was writing a report while reading a book for another book report. Yeah,I just haven't had the time to sit down and  write a  good blog post. I mean,I know this one isn't the best..but it is better than none. Also,I haven't felt like writing a blog post. I think about than I am like nah that can wait till tomorrow.

P.S.S. Anyone got an blogging inspiration ideas? because I think I just have lost inspiration. Blogger's Block. Anyway,if you have any ideas let me know! Whether sending me an email or writing it in a comment.

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  1. awesome:
    coldness!!! and hot soup
    hot chocolate
    hot tea
    hot coffee
    hot liquid in general
    warm socks
    big mugs
    layered blankets
    sweat shirts
    ICE CREAM!!!
    ice cream when it's this cold but awesome at the same time
    covered in blankets and sweatshirts and still cold
    being really itchy
    reading a book that is literally in 5 different sections and has already been repaired 2 or 3 times
    not having anything planned for nano until nano
    going to bet in shorts and a t-shirt cause you're SO HOT and waking up freezing so you cover yourself in ten blankets

    okay well i guess that's good! haha


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