Saturday, August 18, 2012

finding it.


I have found many blogs that have a post on their 'niche' or about how we should find our niches. They claim it makes your blog better. I have been pondering on what my niche is.  It is way harder to find then I thought.  Finally I came to a decision. I have dug through my (mental) pile of things that I have a passion for; then I dug through it again. Also, I thought about what I always want to see on other blogs and what attracts me to blog posts.I came to the decision of photography. Anyone with at least one picture on there blog post attracts me to their blog. If they don't post pictures, I don't usually read the blog. Basically my 'niche' is photography. Don't love photography? Don't worry....not ALL of my post will be on photography. I will have lots of other stuff to post about. Just some of my blog post will be on photography.  I will be making a post on "how to find you niche" . So hopefully this was inspiring to you so you can find you niche! 


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