Friday, July 27, 2012

tiffany's birthday party.

Random,awesome picture of me that I look randomly awesome in ;)

I spent the weekend with Hannah! It was pretty epic and interesting. I spent the night on Thursday and we went to a fundraiser book sale thingy on Friday. The whole Co-Op spent almost the whole day there. We played lots of card games! But hey! I learned some new games! =} I went back home with Hannah and we did random stuff as usual and I found out I would be sleeping over another night,since my mom wouldn't be home till Sunday ,and my dad had to work. Friday night was my "sister's" birthday! Tiffany's party was totally fun and awesome! Little Miss Photographer here just had to get some pictures! ((Of course!)) 

Tiffany's birthday cake! 


by the way, this was Publix cake.... Publix cake. =} be jealous. 



Don't they look like they are picture perfect? They aren't. They fight. But they are still cute! haha. =}

hannah and joe. 



I just love her hand writing! 



and the boys...



  1. You do look randomly awesome in that pic! :D HAHA It does look cool!

    Sounds like you had fun! :)

  2. i took that pic!! yu ARE randomly awesome haha hey you didn't post about the random email we sent Kendra! that was the highlight of my weekend! but next time we'll have to prank call her! hahahaha


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