Monday, July 23, 2012

sometimes life is life.

 I am such a seaweed brain. I haven't like posted at all this month!! --OH MY GOODNESS!! A JUMPING SPIDER JUST JUMPED ON ME!!!!!!!!!! EWWW I hate spiders. Anyway,I knocked it off.-- I am such a slacker. So, I got this amazing idea from Live,Laugh,Love to have a blog plan! Then I won't be like "AHH it has been so long since I posted and I am not sure what I wanna post about!" *jumps around bedroom like a jackrabbit and looks confused* .   Okay,this is what I was thinking :

Sunday: Journey with Christ
Monday: ((break))
Tuesday: Recipe
Wednesday: ((break))
Thursday: DIY
Friday:about my day

Extras: Special Events,Book Reviews.

That is what I was thinking. Most people on my survey said that I should post about 4 days a week,maybe 5.



  1. yay!! that was my idea btw so thanks for being a copycat. I'm flattered. I need to post... *jumps around like a jackrabbit and looks confused*

  2. hahaha! love it: jumps around like a jackrabbit and looks confused. I do that occasionally!! hahahaa


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