Tuesday, June 19, 2012

dreams don't turn to dust --a blog party-- photo contest//updates

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile lately I have been really busy. Here is a list of the things I have been doing...instead of blogging.

001. taking pictures. like having a photoshoot of the golden hour with Hannah or a personal photoshoot with Angelee. ((Pictures will be up soon))
002. exercising. a lot. like everyday. and enjoying it.
003. doodling.
003.going to the beach
004.listening to music. like this..
005.hanging out with friends.
006.wishing I had time to blog.
Most of you know that Hannah and I are hosting a blog party. Now, we are going to have our 2nd contest. A photo contest! Yay! Anyway, the picture has to have the sun in it. The subject doesn't have to be the sun,though. :) Here are some examples:


*all entries must be in by the 26th*



  1. OK...can it be a picture involving sunlight? Or does the actual sun have to be in the picture?

    Do you want me to email a picture to you?

    In Christ,
    Heidi K.

    1. The sun has to be in the picture. But it doesn't have to be the subject :)

      and sure please email me at designs.coastal@gmail.com


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