Friday, August 30, 2013

When You've have Promised Not Cry Over Them.

Have you ever promised something to someone? Have you ever promised something to yourself? Yeah,well I have done both. And I think both are important. There was a day when it randomly came to mind "I will never ever cry over them again." which even the words "I promise" didn't come out...I knew it was a promise. It was a promise I wasn't sure I could keep. It was one I hoped I could. And so far I have. This person is very special to me. And they did something. I wanted to cry. I stood in the bathroom "You said you would never cry over them. You said you would never cry over them." I repeated over and over again. I choked down the tears. Not one tear came to sight. I have kept my promise so far. Will I be able to keep it forever? Probably not. But as for right now this is a promise that I shouldn't break. It is one that is what is best for me. Keeping promises is a  good thing.  I am telling you this,because it is true.

(documented awhile ago. like in july. okay july 15th.and yes. my promise was broken. so i am not completely sure why i am posting this. )

--- M


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