Friday, May 10, 2013



We all make mistakes. We all know we make mistakes. I know I make mistakes. I also know I tend to try to act like I don't. I know that sometimes people put others on a pedestal.  

I stated the other day to someone "We all mess up. But I don't think you have accepted that I mess up." 

Which of course he knows I do mess up. Maybe just not in that area of my life. 

I believe we start to have expectations of people. We expect things from people that they truly cannot give us. No matter how much they want to.I have wanted to give the world to people,but can I? No. 

I love these people dearly. I want to do my best. Show what I have to give them. Sometimes I think we expect for people to do what we want. And when they are everything is good. But then they make a mistake and fall. And it is a surprise to us when they fall. 

I have made mistakes that hurt people. People have made mistakes that hurt me. People make mistakes. 

The thing is some people choose to fix them and some don't. Some people choose to realize they make mistakes and some don't. Some people choose to learn from their mistakes and some don't. 

Really in my heart,I have realized that we all make mistakes and that we have to remember that we make mistakes. 

--- M

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