Friday, May 3, 2013


Picture from the Cumberland field trip (post on that soon maybe) 

So this was totally awkward. I mean I decided to take a break. I was like "goodbye" and now I am like "heyyyy". Kinda like when your friend gets mad at you and so you do that awkward mousy wave while your face is burning red. Anyway! I am back. I closed my account on youtube because of different issues (annoying people). but i am not going to post like a TON because I want to work on each blog post and like make it perfect. well,not perfect. I just want it to have meaning. And you know what? After I was like "this is too much like a chore" it was like killing me not to post. So basically this whole paragraph is saying I am going to keep posting. Serious posts,story post,and random post coming up!It is good to be back! even though that was like the shortest break everrrr. So heyyy.

*I am fully back* 


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