Saturday, April 27, 2013

I truly did and I was fully alive.

The wind made my hair dance. I could smell the familiar scent of salt water. I heard the waves crashing. I could smell the sweet scent off of a person in our group. Though I am not sure who it was. The leaves crunched and sand squished beneath my feet. I wasn't going through the motions of acting like I enjoyed it. I truly did and I was fully alive.

I don't know if you have had this feeling before,but if you have you know what I mean by fully alive. I put down my camera and lived it. I didn't live it through a lens. I lived it through my eyes. I didn't see it through a filter and it was clear and beautiful. I enjoyed it.This is a lesson I have learn....put down the camera.stop capturing everyone else living it.and live yourself.

I don't know if that was understandable. But really it was meant just for me and I shared it on here. 
--i have too many dreams to stay. i am sorry.--

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  1. It really is understandable, and I was gonna do a post on this soon! good job. I mean, how can we capture life if we're always looking through the lens and not living ourself?


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