Tuesday, April 2, 2013

and it was like an old picture album that was put away for years

I told her where to go. "I want to see it,turn here." I told her as we went. I sat in the backseat remembering every detail done to the orange dirt on the roads. I said out loud "I don't remember it being this big." but they rebuked me and said it was the same size. We turned the corner and I could pick out every memory. We drove down the street and kids were playing baseball.

I pointed to a house with a beige door and I explain how I knew them and I pointed to the white house with a red door and told them that was where the twins lived. I thought the people would have moved and not be living there. I studied the kids faces. I knew the girl,probably eight years old by now. And her brother too. They use to be half their size and were as tiny as can be. Now they are normal sized eight year olds.

I wanted to roll down the window and tell them, "I see you are still into baseball. I remember when you use to get your bat and glove out and play t-ball." I knew they wouldn't have known me so I did not even try.

I moved onto the other kids. There was a shorter boy who probably was nine. He had blonde hair and a buzz cut just the way it was before I moved. That didn't change. He was hugging a tree. I wanted to laugh but I was to focused in on the faces.

Then there stood a boy with a orange baseball cap on. Playing outfield,I guess. He watched our car as we drove by. I knew who he was. That was the boy that I had a crush on...in what grade? Maybe third. I think of us as children sitting in the hallway waiting to be picked up at school. Now both of us as teenagers. He doesn't know what happened to me and I don't even know if he remembers me.

We leaft that old neighborhood. Memories were brought back to my mind. It was like opening an old picture album that was put away for years.

--i have too many dreams to stay. i am sorry.--

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