Saturday, March 9, 2013

sit and enjoy,but not for too long

She hits the alarm clock off and rolls over. Mornings never have been her thing,but she knows that the morning always comes before the afternoon so she should get it over with and hope for the best. She pulls on her bathrobe and waddles out to the kitchen. Her hair is frizzy and the makeup that she forgot to wash off is smeared. If someone said hi to her right now that might wish they hadn't. She weakly pulls out the chair from under the kitchen table and she plops down. She flips through the magazine that has pictures of Paris. Sipping her hot chocolate and stares at the light coming through the windows. It plays against the kitchen walls. She sits and enjoys. It does not take long before she is snapped out of her own world by the liveliness of the day. 

--i have too many dreams to stay. i am sorry.--


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