Monday, January 14, 2013



Listening To:  I'd Lie by Taylor Swift. Also,some random song on the TV.

Pondering On: Why are somethings so confusing? Why are people so confusing? If life has to be confusing can't we make it be better by going to sit in a Vintage ice cream shop?

Doing: Writing this blog post. Pondering on those thoughts. Rubbing my hair between my fingers. 

Reading:  Beautiful by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma 

Desiring: More Books! Summer,because it is already hot outside even though everyone says it is "winter".

Needing: to re-paint my nails. 


Things That Are Catching my Eye: The sun glistening on the water. The color peeling off the sign of the ice cream shop. The way certain people walk. The look in someone eyes that are acting like they don't care when they really do.

Something I Love: Walking around the island. 

Something That I could Smell: The amazing smelling scent of a person after they walked off. 

Things I Need To Do: Oh you know put the clothes on my bed away. 

Things I Don't Want To Do: What I need to do ^^.

Today:  I went to the park with Hannah and her sibs and Emily. We had fun and played kickball and looked at shops. I did math after dinner and it was boring. I was having trouble on it and then I understood it and it was all good. 

Tomorrow: School. Same old school. Then I have to remind my mom to call CA. I have to also go to an SL class which is always FUN!!! 

Yesterday: I wasn't having the best day. Just nothing was going great. It was just one of those days.

Wishing: That I could read people's minds. 

P.S. Are you doing the 365 challenge? I am those are all the photos I have taken over the past 14 days. :) 


  1. I think vintage ice cream shops definitely improve life :) Whoa- you live on an island?!! Awesome!! Here it is like 23º and I am definitely ready for summer- riding is no fun when you can't feel your toes or even hold the reins right. :( Oh, well, when in was 99º in August I complained about being too hot. Such is life. Yes- definitely desiring more books. Or more time to reread the Ranger's Apprentice for the second time this month. Or more money to buy The Emperor of Nihon-Ja so I don't have to check it out thrice a year :)


    1. I don't live on an island. I live near on though. It is only like 15 minutes away,so i live close enough that I can go to it a lot. :)

  2. Great post! I enjoyed reading it. :)

  3. I love the photo within the car and the cross hanging by the mirror. Good job Maddie ;)

    For me when i'm having bad days, music definitely helps. I see. You also listen to Bridget Mendler, whom i also love listening to. =D
    Awesome artist choice ;)



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