Thursday, December 6, 2012

things you don't know

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things you don't know, a set on Flickr.

(post idea from Michlyn)

Here are few of things you probably don't know about me. Well,maybe you do. Hopefully you will learn some new things about me.

--I would love to learn to paint.
--When I get older and get married I want to have 5 kids.
--I love sign language.
--I stalk people on facebook. Yeah,I probably have stalked you.
--You would think I would get mad at big things..but oh no,little things make me mad. Like eye rolls.
--Umm..I dream about dating the perfect guy..who I would date..then I would marry.Every girl does,right?
--I blush.alot. even if I am not embarrassed. I just do. Like if someone says something sweet to me or if someone else is embarrassed.
--I get very nervous when people fight a lot.



  1. -I have never been to a hair salon.
    -I speak English, Spanish, American Sign Language, BBC Accent, and Pig Latin
    -My horse has a neurological injury so I can't go near her
    -I have been interviewed on TV twice, and performed on TV twice
    -I have a very loud voice
    -I almost always forget to email people
    -I never wear jewelry
    -I am a perfectionist (I mean it- if it ain't A+ it's failed)
    -I don't wear hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, capped sleeve shirts, skinny jeans, flip flops, jewelry...if its fashionable, I probably don't wear it
    -I say y'all

    :) :) :) :)

  2. hey, i heard you stalk people a lot! haha! well, you r welcome, to stalk me, and b my friend if you want :)


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