Saturday, December 1, 2012

things that say a lot about people.



"things that say a lot about people:
the way in which they treat the waiter/waitress
how they feel about the weather
whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books
and hands in general
their preferred creative outlet
how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone
whether or not they drink coffee
if they ever forget to eat
how honest they are with themselves (and others)
if they correct your grammar
and whether or not they get nervous before haircuts."

(quote/blog post  idea by Carlotta

a. I treat the waiter/waitress as I would want to be treated. I try to say please and thank you. Sometimes I do forget and remember after he or she has walked away. I get a bit nervous around people when I do not know them. I try not to get to attached to them and try not to talk a lot. If small talk comes in handy I would use it. :) 

b. I love to have a sunny day. Rainy days are nice,too. I like sunny days,because,well they make me happy. The birds sing and the flowers look alive. Everything is peaceful. I really like it when kids are out playing and people are watering their yards. Sunny days without people almost add up to three rainy days. A rainy day is nice when you can go outside and play in the rain and jump in some puddles. 

c.I use to dog ear my books. I still do. Of course a lot times I get to lazy and just leave them open and flip them over. I don't mind if the spine gets a few creases or the book cover flipping up and it not laying down like it has never been used. I like a book to look like it has been read. And I only highlight in my text books. 

d. You can find my fingernails to be long or short. When they are long I find that they are hard to take care of and that I have to file them..a lot. When they are kept very short (as I have them now) I find them ugly. I like to have them painted. But a lot of times the only thing that has fingernail polish on it is the outer part because it did not come off with the other part. 

e. I don't have pretty hands. I don't have horrible looking ones. But I won't be going to try to be a hand model. I have a few scars on my hands from the dogs or just playing outside. They aren't very soft,but they aren't really rough. I have average hands. 

f. I hate talking on the phone. I much rather talk in person. I always have those awkward silences on the phone. Eh. I only talk on the phone when I have to. 

g. I don't like coffee. I really really don't like Starbucks coffee. I do like hot chocolate. If you wanna hit up Starbucks and get a hot chocolate let me know. :)

h. Forget to eat? How could anyone forget to eat? Food is amazing. 

i. dude,I am a completely dishonest to myself. I believe myself sometimes,even if it isn't true.

j. I correct people's grammar sometimes. But you can also find me correcting my grammar. You can also find me messing up on grammar. 

k. I get nervous whenever I get haircuts. Right now I am just getting my regular. Straight across with side bangs,so it isn't that bad. But if I was going to get something else...yeah I would be totally nervous. 



  1. i just got bangs, and even though i did it last year and grew them out i was still nervous about getting it done again :P
    But change is good. And with hair, it always grows back ;)

  2. This is so cool!

    I don't like coffee either, so I don't blame you. :P


  3. Wow, this is a really interesting post! I'm glad I'm not the only one whose nervous when I get haircuts... I don't really enjoy talking on the phone either. In person or on some kind of social networking site is preferred... :) I just recently gave up my protestations against coffee and now drink it...occasionally. :)


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