Sunday, December 16, 2012


when i think of messy buns,i think of summer. yeah,they are very summer time-ish. but whatever. i try to pull it off in the winter. well,it isn't very cold here for where i live it is fine. but i believe i pull off the mesy bun in the winter. i will show you proof. ;)


there is the proof. ;)

Now..I leave you with a creepy eye self portrait.--



  1. I actually think you pull off pretty well. :) and I liked the creepy self portrait... so this is awkward.

  2. Pretty! I really like messy buns!!!

    BTW I am having a big Christmas giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter!

    In Christ,

  3. Yeah I think you pull it off in winter:) The creepy eye self portrait is hilarious!! But it's totally you and your eye looks pretty and your eyelashes look really long! hahahaha

  4. I love messy buns. :) I read that you know Sign language! Really cool. I’m currently learning it myself. Lovely blog!
    -Victoria Horea

    1. Yes,I do know some! I am pursuing it as my career!


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