Saturday, December 22, 2012

December fashion.

Merry (early) Christmas!! Ahh! I can't believe it is almost Christmas!! I decided to start doing a monthly fashion post so we can share our fashion styles together!! This month will kind just be holiday styles! are you ready? okay good me too!

Let me tell you the drill. We will start out with hair then make our way down to the shoes! After shoes we will do accessories! Lets get started! 

My favorite holiday hair styles: 


I love these curls because they are not too loose,but not too tight. A lot of people are wearing them right now and I think that they are oh so pretty and really girly and fun. They would be perfect for a Christmas party that was  dressy casual. 

These curls would be perfect for a dressy Christmas party! They are so elegant and clean looking. They are very girly but in a more lady like style.They would pull any outfit together. 

Time for Makeup!

I really like this makeup choice,because she is keeping it neutral. The lips and eyelashes make it really Christmasy looking,but not to "hey look at my makeup! it takes over my face!". 


This girl's makeup is so pretty! I love how she has the white and glittery looking eye shadow it really gives it the holiday look. The red lipstick really pulls the look together! 

Shirt or Blouse:  

This blouse is oh so cute! I love it because it can be used to go hang out in the town on Christmas Eve or maybe for having a casual Christmas party with the fam. 

Skirts,pants,or dresses:

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this dress. I never have seen a full red dress that I have loved. This one is amazing. The bow really gives it some character. Wear some black pumps with it and you are good to go! 


We think about red or black pumps for Christmas. What about green ones? They will give your outfit lots of character! 

This gold watch is so cute and wear a mint shirt or mint jeans would look great with this!! 



  1. Love everything! It's all supper cute!!

  2. I loveee the hair, red lips, and the dress,and the shirt, but it's all really, really cute!!

  3. I looovvvee this post! Can't wait to see next month! and have you figured out how to get your curls to look like that? :) I wanna do it!

  4. Love it all! Red lip stick is awesome! :)


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