Monday, November 26, 2012

photo contest.

Christmas is coming soon and I wanted to have a photography contest! I don't usually have them. Maybe it is just because I don't like choosing the pictures. Haha. Anyway,I decided to host a Christmas photo contest. It can have anything to do with Christmas.

I know I can't enter my own contest. But I wanted to show you my favorite picture I have taken so far for the Christmas season. :)



1.The photo MUST be taken by you. 
2. You can edit all you want. :) 
3. You can only send in one entry. 
4. You can give me your picture via email or through your blog. If you put it on your blog please tell me in a comment. 

I can't wait to see your pictures! 




    here's my entry. :)

  2. Sure I will...only I kind of forget your email address since the last photo contest:) And I technically have a blog, but someone would have to show me how to open it. Or post anything :)

  3. WE entered :

  4. We entered! Here is our link... Thank you! Merry Christmas.


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