Saturday, September 29, 2012

what I have learned.

 I have written post and deleted them. I have tried to write them again and again and failing everytime. Then I asked myself why I am failing when I write them. Many things popped in my head like "it isn't good enough." ,"you messed it up.", "that is a stupid one cares about all that.". I kept thinking and I decided none of those were the answers. My answer was: "that isn't you. that is someone else. some person you aren't." and that was true. I was trying to be someone I wasn't.
 Truth is,I don't wanna be the girl that I was trying to be. That girl in my mind wasn't me. She was just a made up girl that I came up with and yes I would kinda like to be her. The only problem is...she isn't me. I was just trying to be her,because I wanted to be a "cool" blogger,but hey! I wasn't going to be a "cool" blogger...because I was lying to you and myself.
Random picture that I was in the mood for. 
  I might not have the best posts. Honestly,the girl in the back of my mind did. She had the right words. When she passed them on to me they came out as a jumbled mess.They were meaningless words that I would have never wrote. I honestly have wonder how many times have I written meaningless words.

 This is one of the hardest post that I have written. Maybe,because it is a confession.

I am going to take up the challenge to be me when I post on my blog. Will you take the challenge too?



  1. Sure!! :) I just wanna say I always think your posts are great! :D

  2. Maddie!!!! I LOVE this post!! this is one of your best posts ever!! Thanks for being brave enough to post it!


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