Sunday, August 5, 2012


Wouldn't we all love to say we are perfect and that we do everything right? We would have perfect pictures,perfect grades,perfect lives! Sounds all good and awesome,right? Yeah,but if we were all perfect wouldn't life be kinda boring?

I know I am imperfect. I don't have perfect pictures. I don't have perfect grades. I don't have a perfect life.
People talk about how awesome their day was at their  huge family cook out or how they had a beautiful wedding photo shoot and everything was awesome.

I don't have the best hair and the best makeup. I have cheap hair spray and makeup. I try to look nice when I go to stores,but sometimes I end up wear a t-shirt that I use for P.E.,jeans,flats,and a bun in my hair that I put up at dinner so I wouldn't get my long hair in my food.

My grades are just fantastic ~not~. I have average grades. I don't even really like school. I get in trouble for complaining. I wait till the last minute to do a book report. I don't have the best grammar.

I am imperfect. You know what is awesome,though? Jesus is PERFECT (!!!).



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