Thursday, August 9, 2012

heads up.


I know that I haven't blogged so much this summer that you would be like "Oh my goodness!! She just post all the time. How does she get anything done?!". Anyway, I have posted wayy less than I thought I would have,but I have posted a good bit. Anyway,this is just a 'heads up' post. I am going into the 8th grade and that is the last middle school year and I think it will be kinda hard. I mean it is getting you ready for high school,right? (ahem..I am kinda nervous about this school year. Yeah,get the laughs out. I am homeschooled.)  Anyway,I probably will only post once to twice a week. I might not post at all one week or post every day another. It all depends on how my school is going. Anyway,that was just a heads up post. :) 

Listening to: Good Directions


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  1. I understand! Next year will probably be a big year for me to! Love the song!! :)


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