Monday, July 2, 2012

day 1 and 2--winner.

Day 1--self portrait.
I decided I would take one of myself that had my personality in it. And I think I nailed it. Don't judge me. 

Day 2-- busy.
Sadie was very busy playing with her bear. 


So remember that contest for our blog party? Well,we picked the winner! 

Her photo was just so captivating. I just loved it! Good job Kaylee! :) 



  1. Cool!! I am doing the photo challenge:) I like the winner's pic! Just wondering-was my pic entered? I sent Hannah the pic I wanted to enter ;)

    1. I don't think so. I will as Hannah. It is better to leave it in a comment.

    2. Okay, well, she replied, but let me know please! :) I will leave it in a comment next time!

  2. thanks darling! i was super excited when i saw that i won!


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