Monday, May 14, 2012

yay!! this is a BIG,BIG day!!

Okay sooo this is my 50th post! Yay!!! I told you it was a BIG,BIG day!!! hehee But really this is just going to be an update post, because a lot has been going on.
I guess I will start with Thursday,May 10th,2012. I got up ,did some math (ugh) , got ready to go, and then went to some places, one being  the post office. My Dad asked us to go to Chick-fil-A with him for lunch. 
Thursday is Co-Op day. I skipped Bible and Character class, because since we went out to lunch, 
there was no way we would get there in time. Co-Op was fun. We had to move stuff out of the fellowship hall for a rehearsal dinner (pictures coming soon). My birthday was on Friday,but since the rehearsal dinner 
was on Friday...we couldn't go to my birthday dinner. So,we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory. 
It is delicious!!! (pictures coming soon) And then we drove home, and that was the end of Thursday. 

Friday was my birthday!! YAY!! I became a teenager! I spent most of my day at the church. I was 
decorating for the dinner that night. Yeah, it took like the whole morning. Anyway, then we got to take 
a quick break,but really that turned into no more work for my mom and me.  She started feeling sick.
Then we went home and rested and got ready to go the dinner. Yay! It was fun being in the sound booth with 
Hannah C. And laughing over blinking lights and stuff. 
Saturday was awesome,because that was the wedding!!! Josh and Kristi are 
married!! yay!! The wedding was beautiful and everyone did a great job!! (pictures coming soon) 
So after the wedding and reception, we all gave Kristi and Josh Ours our best wishes and they
were on their way. What a lovely day. ahh...

Well, that was just some updates! Oh yeah, and like I said, my 50th post! Lets Celebrate!! yay! 

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