Wednesday, May 23, 2012

loving to laugh...


I love to laugh. And I laugh when I am with my friends and I laugh when I am not with them. I laugh
when I am not suppose to. I laugh at funny comments. I laugh at movies.I laugh at my friends and they
laugh at me. I laugh at pictures. I laugh at myself. I laugh in my head. I laugh when I don't want to answer 
a question or when I have no idea what someone is talking about. I laugh because I look at someone. And 
I laugh because others are. I laugh a lot. When do you laugh?



  1. Pretty much the same as you and when there is a really serious part in a movie! i can't help it!! lol

  2. Those pics are really cool Madison!! I laugh when things aren't really funny (but they are to me), I laugh with my friends, I laugh when people do funny things, and a lot of other times! :)


  3. I laugh with my friends mostly! :) or when Maggie or my cats are being funny! :D

    I love the new blog design! Did you take the pics at the top? They are really good!!

    1. Thanks Emily. :) I didn't though. They are from Google. Andd they are in New York. :)

    2. Okay! :) Well, they are good even if you didn't take them lol (:

  4. I laugh when I am in Subway asking to order, but instead they give me a restroom key. I laugh when I run flat into Madison Strong. I laugh when Tim calls me poopsie! I laugh when I see the backside of Heidi walking down the street.


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