Tuesday, May 29, 2012

beryl,the tropical storm

Beryl is the tropical storm. He ((or she??)) is very annoying.  As much as I loooovee to dance in the rain...Beryl isn't the kind of storm I want to have a rootbeer with. While Hannah was bonding with Beryl , I was fighting with him. He is very, very,VERY annoying when you are  trying to shop.
I just had to get a picture with the puddles Beryl left. I didn't want a picture of me and him..

He had blown over my mom's rain boots ((grr hope they aren't wet inside)).Whenever I went shopping at Payless, I had to wear my rain boots in, and of course they didn't match.

Beryl plucked this poor, little thing off the bush.I guess he didn't like the smell,since he left it.

These flowers were open this morning...
I will have to admit,whenever I went outside this morning, I was enjoying Beryl. I walked out side and enjoyed his cool breaths. The raindrops slowly dropped on my lips and they gave little kisses on my cheeks.


For Hannah...


So,I guess in a way I enjoyed Beryl. I am ready for him to go now,though. I will give him that... I really liked the waves on the island. By the way,I saw a funnel cloud today =D 

A note to Beryl: 
Dear Beryl,
I am hoping you enjoyed your stay in Georgia. I am wishing you will go away in the next day or two. I really like the sun a lot more. He is my friend,you aren't. I would also like to go swim in the waves of the beach. Please come back in a year or so. Also, please send rain. But only like once or twice every two weeks. We have been fine without you. 
Love Always,



  1. So funny! :)

    I enjoyed reading this post! You and Hannah are fountains of imagination for sure!

    And Tiffany just looked up Beryl and says it is a Girl's name! LOL!

    1. Thank you! :) Yes we are! And now I know I should call it a she! Haha!

  2. I like that pic of you, Maddie!! :D


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