Monday, April 16, 2012

Update::Random:: Obsessions

So this is an update,random,and a my obsessions post.
Random/Obsessions:: Taking pictures of things you pass by.
Obsessions::Pencil Cups!!! I mean c'mon! Those things are
off the hook!
Random/Obsessions:: I liked this picture because the colors
were all pink and it looked cool. I have a obsession with taking
pictures with a mirror...
Update::This is Reapy. He is mine and Hannah's memory bowl.
We have our memories in him. We will read them at New Years.
We named him Reapy because he looks like the reaping bowl on the Hunger
Random::They look like Toms...but really they are knock
offs! Haa.

Other Updates,Randoms,and Obsessions::

Random::I love my random thoughts of the day. Today's:Yo.Jerry.

Update::I started Trail Class in horseback riding.

Obsessions::Blog Designing. Even though it gets hard.

Random:: Setting a cup on someone's truck is very awkward.

Well,that is all. I could come up with A LOT more....but I don't want to bore you..

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  1. HAHAHA I love this post!! Reapy is the BEST!!!


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