Monday, April 23, 2012

My night//wishing my night was this

                                                                   {all pictures from Pinterest} 
This is a post about my night then what I wish my night was like...

My Night:
Tonight I finished up school. All I had to do was a History video. Then I  made some paper balls and flowers. Which I am thinking about selling. I am going to post some pictures soon. And I ate dinner. Painted my toenails black with a cool white zig-zag line. Awesomeness! Then I got on the computer and made a blog post. And that was it for my night.

Now this is what I wish my night was like.

Fantasy Night:
I am sitting here with a hot chocolate...and its cup is made of chocolate..My mom made it and it is delicious. You should really try it. mmmm.  I love the taste. And the whip cream makes a creamy mustache on my upper lip. And the coco on top gives it that great  taste.

 My mom decided that she was such in a baking mood that she would even bake cookies! 
And how she decorated them is A♥M♥A♥Z♥I♥N♥G. I am naming them all 
as I eat them. They are on a nice red plate that has silver swirls on it. My mom and I 
made it last Christmas.

It is really cold outside too, so my dad built me a fire. Our fire place look just
like the one in the picture...because it is our fire place.
  I can feel the heat 
on my skin ,and it is soothing. And oh the crackles sound of the flames...
I can't even explain how great they sound.  
My parents bought this gown for me. I am sitting in it right now. 
It is too comfortable. I just love it. The silk rubs again my skin and 
it gives relief to all stress. 

My mother made my hair look like this. 
I believe the bow gives it a special touch. My mom 
can do stuff like that. 

All the Christmas decorations are amazing tonight. It 
seems magical. 

I just ran to the window and look what I found in our backyard! 
Snow! Everywhere! Yay!! It feels like Christmas now. 
These are some Cherry Blossom tress we have. They don't like like 
Cherry Blossoms trees right now.

And here is our Christmas tree and our house. I can see the tree
peeking through the door. It makes the room bright even though it isn't in the
sitting room. 

..And our piano.My mom has learned how to play the piano and is playing 
Silent Night right now. As I type. It is lovely. 

I love the smell of cinnamon. The candle is burning.
The candle is so melted that it is starting to look like water. 
My puppy Snowball Fluff is cuddling with me. I just love him.

And my cousin ,who is staying with us for  a week ,just ran and put a present 
under then tree. She just came up to me and said, "I just put a present for you under 
the tree!"

And then the stockings. They are shining. Christmas time always makes me happy.
Tonight has been awesome. 
So maybe I want Christmas to come back around. And so many things that 
were awesome were at Christmas time. I hope for it to come soon. And yes,I wish that 
was my house and I wish that was my tree and I wish my little cousin was here and I wish Snowball Fluff 
was cuddling with me and yes, I wish my mom baked and played piano and I wish it smelt like cinnamon and yes, I wish it was Christmas. But when Christmas comes it is almost a new year and I don't want to wish my years away. 



  1. I loved it Maddie!
    I just love your blog posts.

  2. This is a great post! Though, I think you are a bit inaccurate on your mother's baking skills. :) I felt like I was cuddled up on the couch with you and Snowball Fluff! I am in comfy in my flannel pajamas!

  3. This was hilarious! I love it! I never knew your Mom was so talented! :)

  4. I wish my night last night was like that! or even like yours haha


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