Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter --Grandma and Grandpa's House--

Happy Late Easter! Haha!  Anyway,all these pictures were taken on Easter. 
Most at my grandparents' house. Most of them are really weird...well
really,really,really weird. 
My family had a "photo shoot". My mom wanted pictures for 
her frame. But this one didn't make it in! I can't believe it. 

This is an MTS photography special. 
I saw it and thought it would make an AWESOME photo. 
Hey,and it did! 

No comment. 

Me,my dad,and my mom. 
I really like this photo. Only problem is...
our camera doesn't take good far away pictures
and it made some of the pictures kinda red.

it was just random. I went out to get the camera and I just *had* 
to snap a picture.

I got the pose from a friend.

I think you have seen this picture before. <---

me and my mom right after church. <3 

me and my dad after church. <3 

I hope y'all had an awesome Easter! I know I did. :D 



  1. love it Ma'ie! You take great pictures! You and your family are so awesome and amazing. I think you need to come for a dinner and catch phrase night sometime soon!!! :-)

    P.S. hey Stephen...

  2. I knowwww we do! Haha! And thankssss


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