Thursday, April 26, 2012

85 things in 2012 //Green Milk

I did my first challenge!!!! YAY!!! I drank green are some pictures:

I am sure this ^^^ is horrible for you. But whatever
I *had* to use it to make the milk green....

And here is the guy that made it all happen...just kidding. 
If we didn't have the milk then we couldn't have had green milk...
and if they didn't have would have not been made...

the 3 of them...

Here is how much milk I poured...not much. I hate 
plain milk....unless it is with pizza...


and the finish product!!! 

Now I can mark that one off!!! Have an awesome day! And I dare you to drink green milk! 



  1. Gonna have to take this dare and put it on my blog! :D

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