Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beachyness---My photography. . .

**Notice:All pictures are owned by MTS photography**

This picture is sooo cool. I think anyway.
The other night we went to the 
beach. It was so awesome.I have been waiting to see it . 
I don't remember the last time I saw our nice little St.Simons
Island beach. 

The beach at this time is just beautiful. 
I just jumped for joy on the beach.Heidi {my dog} and I 
went for the tiniest run. We both thought it was fun. Heidi loves the 

Having an awesome time practicing my photography.

 As I was taking my time taking pictures,my parents were looking at stars
with my dad's phone. It was pretty neat , but I was having more fun 
taking pictures. I was also putting my hand in the water 
it was so cold. Heidi didn't want to be near the water. 

I am in love with this picture 

Coffee cups from Starbucks make really 
good pictures. 

Caught this at the right time!
 These pictures bring back memories. . 

What brings back your memories?



  1. love the pics! we need to go to the beach again!!

  2. awwee I wanna go to the beach! I like the last pic.

  3. I am so ready to go to the beach again!! The starbucks cup one is so awesome. D Maggie is just gonna love the beach, I know it ;). Well, the type of dog she is loves water and they have webbed feet. :) Did you have an awesome time at the beach, and a fun run?


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