Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Post. . . :D

I am very excited about this blog. But the only thing is I had to make this blog because my other is messed up. Anyway, I believe this is going to be my real blog. Hehe. This is going to be a really random post. Well, really it is only going to be random because I am to tired to try to make up one.
Today , I went to Co-Op it was fun. We had a Christmas party and did Secret Santa. But for a few of us it wasn't secret for long.

Then we played kickball . . .

I got a purse for my present from Julie! It is so cute.

Tomorrow is HisSpace
{ I was on the roof , yes I said the roof!}

Is not Heidi cute?


  1. haha I like random posts. :D and yes Heidi is cute.

  2. I like the roof one! I love your dogs..good pic of Heidi. ;)

  3. I love climbing on the roof. xD And the picture of the Christmas tree is cool too.

    I keep forgetting you named your dog Heidi, cause my lil sister's name is Heidi. haha.

  4. i like the pics of the olives!! no, r people didnt stay secrets long!! haha


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